Well hello there….

Oh man… time flies. It’s August and I have not been here in quite a while. No excuses, I’m lazy. What has been going on, let’s see:

  1. I got hit by a car riding my bike. True story. Rode in an ambulance for the first time. My sweet road bike is totalled and I have been going to PT since the second week of May. Mr. Lawyer is handling everything and fingers crossed it all works out.
  2. Work rulz. Going to San Diego first week of September and then London/Paris the last week of September. STOKED.
  3. Was asked to be on the first Seattle committee for Chill, an awesome youth program that serves youth through snowboarding.
  4. Camping is awesome and summer isn’t over. Get out there.

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I Made the Moz Top 10 for April

If you work in the online marketing world, SEO, inbound marketing, etc. then there is a strong chance you know Roger and team over at Moz and their awesome tools and software.

Each month they’ve been putting together a top 10 list of articles for the online marketing community and my lasted post on the distilled blog made the cut at #9.  Not too shabby for a guy who failed sophomore English class. Sorry Ms. Hope I was a little shithead.

You can see the Top 1o Post HERE 

Cracked the Moz Top 10!

Cracked the Moz Top 10!

Saabaru – JDM V7 Sti Swapped

So back in December, right before Christmas the Saabaru blew a head gasket. Fuckin bummer.

When life gives you lemons make some Mikes Hard Lemonade.

Instead of just fixing the car I took this opportunity to modify. I weighed my options:

  • Rebuilt 2.0 – Cheapest option. No performance improvement. Safe and reliable.
  • Hybrid Build – Mixed reviews on these builds. People love’em or hate’em. Small increase torque. Peak HP is similar. Untested reliability.
  • JDM Swap – Most expensive. Big increase in torque and HP. Safer and more reliable. Continue reading

Sorry I’m Not Sorry

I haven’t touched this little space on the internet in some time, but you know what??? Life happens. So sorry I’m not sorry.

Anyway who reads this crap?

Life does happen and here are the deets and what’s been going down.

  1. Saabaru is in tip top shape. Engine swap. Mods. Deserves it’s own post.
  2. Shred. It’s April 23rd now, but snowboarding has been on. I now own a powder board and have taken runs in the backcountry.
  3. Worky jerky is wonderful. I have a new title – Outreach Consultant. Neat-o!
  4. Been hanging out with a nice lil’ lady and she doesn’t seem crazy. Well, too crazy!