Sometimes I sweat and mumble…

Adria Saracino wrote an awesome post over on the Distilled blog about hiring and what to look for in an awesome link builder. My favorite part of her post is when she calls me out on sweating and mumbling during the interview.

I admit, I did sweat and mumble through my interview. You would too if two people were watching and judging your every mouse click. There I was, in the hottest conference room in Seattle (fact), with my screen projected on a wall with two certified internet wizards watching me. Searching for the impossible name and email of some rando blogger.

Plus I think I sweat twice as much as the average male. Which is a considerable amount. I could never live on the east coast, Florida would be my personal hell. Sorry Floridians.

Anyway. I made through that interview and here i am…

Real mean sweat, right Hoff?


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