MozCon 2012

The past few days Seattle played host to MozCon 2012 – one of the top conferences in the world of online marketing. I’ve worked for Distilled Seattle for about eight months now and the world of online marketing is still pretty new to me. I understand outreach & link building. I know enough about SEO to get myself in trouble. When it comes to technical SEO, like link analytics and attribution modeling I am pretty much lost. That being said, MozCon was by far the best online marketing conference I’ve ever attended!!!

This what the best online marketing conference looks like.

Full disclosure:  I have never ever attended any SEO conferences in my life and have nothing to compare MozCon to. I just assume all the other conferences suck. Oh and SeoMoz let me attend the conference & parties for FREE because Moz & Distilled are BFF’s.

In all seriousness, MozCon was great not just for the free food and parties, but because I actually learned something. Three talks really stood out to me. First was my coworker, Mr. Paddy Moogan, he spoke about link building and had some cool tools and actionable items. Link builders can only preach about relationship building so much, Paddy gets that and shared some really good points and useful tools.

Moz swag and all the ice cream I can eat? Sure I’ll go to MozCon for free.

The second talk and the speaker who I think made the biggest impression on me was Wil Reynolds from SEER Interactive. When it comes to speaking about link building, one either takes the Moogan approach with useful tools and tips or they take the Reynolds approach and are one helluva speaker. Whatever Reynolds was selling, I was buying. His passion for our industry and experience added to his brilliant story telling. His spirit really captured me and the entire audience.

Moz saved the best for last with a head 2 head battle featuring Moz’s own Rand Fiskin and Distilled’s Tom Critchlow. I’ve only briefly met Tom back in January when I was in London, but he left a solid impression on me. When I saw him in Seattle I told Tom all my money was riding on him. No pressure.

Both speakers couldn’t be any more different. Rand’s slide deck had nearly 100 slides, complete with Simpsons & Futurama images and one very moving Seattle Cancer Care video. Tom’s on the other hand featured only one slide.

If you squint hard you can see Tom speaking in the head 2 head battle. And yes, that was his ONE slide.

Rand and Tom are both respected speakers. Known throughout our industry as innovators and leaders of change. While the head to head was close, Tom came out on top. His ballsy approach using only one slide and his straight forward truth-sometimes-hurts honesty made an impact on the crowd.

All and all MozCon was awesome. If you’re part of this awesome and ever evolving world of online marketing you should head to the Emerald City next summer and learn a thing or two. Thanks to Distilled and SeoMoz 😀

PPC pro Jasmine and I with Roger, the coolest bot in all the WWW.


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