I went snowboarding in August.

This is what snowboarding in August looks like.

I love snowboarding. I have since I was 18 and nearly 16 years later I still do. Everyone needs a passion, something that makes you smile like nothing else does and snowboarding makes me smile year round.

When I was younger I always thought it would be amazing to go to snowboarding summer camp. Yes there is such as thing as snowboard summer camp. You see, down in Oregon on Mt. Hood, one can snowboard nearly year round. At the end of spring, when most average ski resorts close up shop, the summer shred on the glacier of Mt. Hood kicks into gear.

When my buddy Larry, the Pacific Northwest Burton rep asked if I wanted to go ride High Cascade Snowboard Camp (HCSC) it was a dream come true. Anyone can head up to Mt. Hood, buy a lift ticket and ride the “public park” but only paying campers can ride the private parks and pipes. Those that can afford camp not only have access to private manicured snowboard features with professional snowboarders as coaches, they also have a dizzying amount of off-hill activities – including private skateboard parks. A week long session at camp starts at $1,200 but the average cost is closer to $2,000, which includes lodging, food, and transportation.

I was excited to ride HCSC, but that wasn’t the whole deal. Burton snowboards would be taking care of everything, and we would be riding with Alex Andrews, pro rider and new brand ambassador along with his pals Sean Black and Brandon Hammid. STOKED!

Larry, Davin, Me, and Alex

While the trip was short, it was something I’ll always remember. Alex and crew’s riding was amazing and even better in person. All I can say is wow. The park at HCSC was perfect, plenty of small features for guys like me and some HUGE features for the young bucks.

I actually think the best part of the trip was after we were done snowboarding. We ate some Cobra Dogs and Volcano Cones. We rode the private skate park and I dropped-in on a mini ramp and rode some bowls, which is something I haven’t done since my age ended with “teen”.

I keep expecting this passion to fade, but it has been 16 years and I still snowboard 3-4 times each week during the winter. This little hobby of mine has forged friendships, brought adventure, and countless memories.

What is your passion? What makes you tick? What do you daydream about when you’re bored behind your desk? I think everyone needs a passion and everyone has a passion. They might change over time. It could be painting. I might be running.

If you haven’t found yours yet you better start looking. You’ll have one less day to make it happen if you don’t start looking today.


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