Soggy Season in Seattle on a Bike

I live 5 miles away from the Distilled office and last May during the Cascade Bicycle Club’s Commuter Challenge I made the leap from casual cyclist to full blown spandex warrior. When I first started commuting I would check the chance of rain, after all this is Seattle, and if it was less than 40% I would pedal.

Fast forward to now and we’re at the end of October and I’ve rode to work nearly everyday. I recently just purchased gore-tex rain gear and a waterproof pack in anticipation of Seattle’s soggy season.

Jamazing Tips for Riding a Bicycle to Work:

  • Dress for success – Wear the right gear. If riding in your work clothes is your thing, good for you. I prefer to ride in clothes that breath and wick sweat. If you sweat like a fat kid like me, bring a change of clothes and maybe a wet wipe or two. Bonus points if you work for a sweet-ass company that has a shower.
  • You’re not lance – You don’t have to be the fastest guy/gal out there. Take it easy, especially on your way to the office, you don’t want to get too sweaty. Pace yourself on your commute, if you’re going full pedal power for your commutes you don’t want to have dead legs by Thursday so take it easy champ.
  • Cool as cucumber – In the fall and winter you want to be a little cold when you start your commute. The ride should warm you up. If you end up over dressing you’ll get soaked from sweat. Eww.
  • Cats and Dogs – If it’s raining cats and dogs where you live you’re going to get wet, it is just a matter of how much. The problem with most rain gear is it doesn’t breath well. Which will end up making you sweaty and wet from the inside out. I recommend gore-tex, it is the BEST waterproof/breathable laminate out there by far. If it doesn’t rain much in your area go with something windproof and water resistant, it’s better to be a little wet from the rain than being wet from sweat.

Riding to work is a great work out. More importantly to me it wakes me up for my day in the office and clears my mind on my way home.

Personal Rant: If you don’t wear a helmet you’re an idiot. If you’re riding your bicycle on the road and NOT the side walk, you need to follow the rules of the road. Don’t run lights and stop signs. Use hand signals when turning. No illegal turns. Don’t cut people/cars off.


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