Saabaru – JDM V7 Sti Swapped

So back in December, right before Christmas the Saabaru blew a head gasket. Fuckin bummer.

When life gives you lemons make some Mikes Hard Lemonade.

Instead of just fixing the car I took this opportunity to modify. I weighed my options:

  • Rebuilt 2.0 – Cheapest option. No performance improvement. Safe and reliable.
  • Hybrid Build – Mixed reviews on these builds. People love’em or hate’em. Small increase torque. Peak HP is similar. Untested reliability.
  • JDM Swap – Most expensive. Big increase in torque and HP. Safer and more reliable.

After racking my brain over this decision I went with the JDM swap. Not just any ole’ JDM Subaru but a JDM V7 Sti (EJ207). Why did I choose this motor?

  • Build quality – JDM motors seem to be more reliable than their US counterparts. The V7 features forged internals which are stronger than the cast parts used in the USDM engine. Redline was increased from 6,500 rpm to 8,200 rpm.
  • Power – this is an Sti motor. In my setup I’m close to 300 whp & 250+ Ft-lbs. The Saabaru moves now. I cannot emphasize this enough. This fucker is FAST.
  • Compatibility – The V7 motor is simple to install in my 05. Just a few wires and a JDM ecu.
  • Smooth – With the addition of AVCS (active valve control system) the motor has more low end power when boost is off and idles smoother than a stock USDM engine.

I am 110% satisfied. WOW. It is a completely different automobile. So satisfying to drive.

20% tint. Inno box and Yakima rack (replaced with a Thule Aero Bar)

20% tint. Inno box and Yakima rack (now replaced with a Thule Aero Bar)

JDM Sti Key.

JDM Sti Key. Really, I bought a key from Japan. I know, I’m a car nerd.

JDM V7 Sti Ej207

JDM V7 Sti Ej207

Mod List


  • JDM V7 Swapped
  • Cobb down pipe
  • Cobb exhaust
  • Cobb intake w/ box
  • Cobb Tuning Post MAF Silicone Hose
  • GrimmSpeed Ceramic Coated Uppipe
  • Killerb oil pickup
  • Walbro 255 fuel pump
  • 2.5L oil pump
  • Gates Racing timing belt kit w/ water pump
  • Samco radiator hose kit
  • Cosworth Billet Timing Belt Guide
  • GrimmSpeed 160 Degree Thermostat
  • Koyo OEM Replacement Radiator
  • GrimmSpeed Turbo Heat Shield
  • Killer B Motorsport Alternator Shroud
  • Subaru Group N motor Mounts
  • Road tuned by JohnJohn at Outback Automotive in Auburn, WA


  • Sti Pink Wagon Springs
  • Koni Adjustable Inserts
  • Whiteline 22mm sway bars front
  • Whiteline 22mm adjustable sway bars reat
  • Whiteline endlinks front and rear
  • Whiteline Steering bushing
  • Whiteline strut tower bars front and rear
  • Subaru Group N Top Hats


  • StopTech slotted rotors front and rear
  • GrimmSpeed mster cylinder brace
  • StopTech street performance pads
  • SS brake lines


  • Exeddy stage 1 organic clutch
  • Resurfaced flywheel
  • Cobb Tuning Shifter Bushings
  • Cobb Tuning rear Shifter Bushing
  • Subaru Grounp N transmission mount


  • JDM hazard button
  • Thule aero rack
  • Inno cargo box
  • 20% tint
  • Cobb Shift knob
  • Kenwood media player
  • Grimmspeed hood struts

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