An ouch leads to…

1. An ouch leads to a surprise trip to the Dr. Pawlowski.


OUCH! This is not good.


Intravenous sedation had out in a second. DAMN LOOK AT DEM Js DOH!

Lower left molar removed. Bone graft and metal post inserted. Then gums stitched up. Now I’m swollen, sore, and medicated.


This is my new breakfast. Gluten free.

2. I’m on the mend and thank goodness because I have my dude’s big day coming up this weekend and I haven’t written my Best Man speech yet. Waiting for inspiration.


Tom NOT Thomas looking like Brad Pitt in Inglorious Bastards these days.

3. Wishing myself luck on my top secret career move. Without risk there is no reward.


King of mustaches 2015.

4. One month into living with this gal and everything is perfect. There are some great food spots within walking distance, two bars (one dive and one nicer Irish Pub), and an awesome waterfront bike trail leading downtown.

Bike rides with sunset views along the waterfront.

FullSizeRender (2)

New pad is looking good. Courtesy of Ikea, West Elm, Dot and Bo, and Target.


Never buy shit from Dot and Bo. While it looks cute, it is cheap, has terrible instructions, and one step below Ikea.


What size are these drawers? Useless size.


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