Blogging can be a pain

Blogging can be a pain

It’s 2016. Yay.

I am slacking on bloggin, but here is a quick list of what is hawt in my life right now.


  1. Dental work – it’s never ending.
  2. Air Jordans – I waited in line for 3 hours to buy matching his and hers Jordan 4s for Vday. (awwww)
  3. Healthy eating – no fried foods in the 16
  4. Lycra – cycling is on fire, more bros in the peleton. Hipster Rob got a bike and Tall Luke went on a ride with us.
  5. Apple TV – got one for xmas it is FIRE


  1. Snowboarding – is everyone too busy to ride? snow is good. maybe we’re all old and over it.
  2. Kanye – WTF is up with that dude.
  3. Bloggin – OOPS!



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