Summer 16 Update

Summer 16 is in Full Effect

Let me start this post like I start most, with an apology for never writing anything. Summer 16 is happening and it’s been filled with plenty of highs and lows. Here are a few of notable highlights.

Summer Highs…


I’ve been pedaling a lot lately. Since starting at Moz a few months back I’ve really gotten back into the cycling rhythm. Mostly because Moz has private showers, bike storage, and lockers which makes riding to work so much easier.

Specialized Tarmac Expert SL4

Love this bike. #LightBro

I’ve also got a solid bike bro squad put together. TFD, Rygart, Old Charlie, Link King, and sometimes Luke. And just this week I surpassed my goal of 2,000 miles for the year and it’s only August. HYPED.

James Daugherty's Strava

2,000 miles boi!




Lola is half corgi and half chow chow and is my favorite pupper.

Lauren’s parents went out of town for a week and we got to doggy sit Lola. We took her to my parent’s house in West Richland, we hiked around Snoqualmie Pass, we went on lots of walks, and I gave her alotta treats. Lola has a rep for being ‘wild’ and a ‘runner’. After kicking it with us for a week Lola was walking next to me without a lease and sitting/shaking on command. Dogs just need love, attention, and stimulation – just like people. Lauren was truly impressed with my pack leader skillz.

hiking snoqualmie pass with a dog

Lauren & Lola on Snoqualmie Pass ❤



Guns n Roses came to Seattle and we really wanted to go but we’re also saving for Europe. Then Kristina from work was selling 2 tickets for face value and the rest as they say is history. All the jams were played: Mr. Brownstone, Nightrain, Paradise City, November Rain, and Sweet Child of Mine. We drank overpriced beers and paid $90 for matching shirts. If you want to enter to win a Guns N Roses jacket click here.


We’ve got the plane tickets and most of our Air BnB spots booked. We’ll be there for 2 weeks, traveling by train from Paris > Geneva > Milan > Cinque Terre > Rome.


I finally got a new fucking tooth. Don’t ever take biting into something for granted.

Summer Lows…


I had a brain infection! Seriously scary stuff. The entire left side of my face, from my neck up, did not work. I had an MRI done on my brain which came back negative for a clot, tumor, and stroke – which is great. They determined it was an infection causing the worst headaches I’ve ever had and stopped my muscles from working.

Lauren’s Grandma Passing

This one was really hard on Lauren and her mother. When I first met Lauren she would go to Whidbey Island to visit her grandmother nearly every week. She called her grandma ‘my gal’ and the two were as thick as thieves. Her passing was unexpected which made it more difficult. She was a strong, independent person who still drove and was sharp and witty – all impressive things given she was 80+ years old.  RIP.


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