Sneaker Update Fall/Winter 2016

Sneaker Update Fall/Winter 2016

It’s been a minute since I’ve really been in a blogging mood. So much has happened since fall of sixteen…

  1. Bae is now Ex-Bae
  2. I moved down the street
  3. I have lost nearly 40 pounds
  4. Some idiot broke into my car
  5. Work is awesome
  6. I had dental surgery again
  7. And most importantly I copped (many) new sneakers

In no particular order here is what has been in rotation from September 2016 through January 2017.


Vans S8-Hi Vachetta Tan – I ordered these from Spain because they sold out in the US instantly. They took a month and a half to arrive. Totes worth the wait.



True Blue 3’s – pretty sure everyone and their mom got these for Christmas.


Nike ID Pendleton Presto Mid Utility – These were a gift from my parents for Christmas. I designed them myself and they have real Pendleton Mills wool, plus they have my initials. I get so many compliments on these, like strangers have stopped me to ask about them.


Nike SB Dunk Vachetta – I love vachetta and a gum sole. As soon as I saw the rumors about these I knew it was an insta cop. The leather is super high quality and the liner is quilted.


Nike SB Dunk Pink Box – These are very, very pink and they’re totally reflective all over as well. The color is a nod to the pink box that all Nike SBs used to come in. See the box  outline on the lower right?


Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged – the hype is real, these are comfy af. I want another pair of Boosts in 2017, perhaps some Oreo 3.0s.


Nike Sock Dart – Poor man’s Stone Island colorway LOL, but I love a speckled sole.


Jordan 11 Space Jam – #Blessed


My shoe shelf in the new pad. The Cement 4’s at the top are my all time favs. Not pictured is the second pair of Presto Safaris I copped in November through a secret SNKRS drop. Enabling one touch purchase is deadly.

So many great sneakers, but I have some personal bad news to share. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to only buy a pair of shoes every three months. Yes, 1 pair of shoes every 3 months, or 4 pairs of shoes this year.

Reading that out loud makes me sound ridiculous, but saying I have a sneaker obsession is an understatement.

Coincidentally one of my other NYR’s is to pay off my credit card debt, so no new sneakers supports that goal.

Wish me luck and I look forward to the next sneaker update in March 2017.



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